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  In October 1997, when China’s President Jiang Zemin visited the U.S., he and President Clinton reached agreement in the setting up of a constructive, strategic Partnership for the 21st Century. President Clinton has announced this year that he will move up his visit to China to the end of June in order to give fresh stimulus to the development and improvement of Sino-U.S. relations.
Thank you. Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, distinguished delegates and ladies and gentlemen.We meet in a hall devoted to peace, in a city scarred by violence, in a nation awakened to danger, in a world uniting for a long struggle. Every civilized nation here today is resolved to keep the most basic commitment of civilization: we will defend ourselves and our future against terror and lawless violence.
3、IR is an unpredictable realm of turbulent processes and events that catch the experts by surprise, such as the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989. Most IR scholars are modest about their ability to make accurate predictions---and with good reason. The best theories provide only a rough guide to understanding what actually occurs in IRor to predicting what will happen next.
国际关系 发展事态的不可预见性常常弄得专家们措手不及,如:1989年柏林墙事件。所以,绝大多数学者对他们的“准确预见”往往持一种保守的态度——找好退路。最权威的理论也只能给我们提供有关事态发展的大致趋向。
4、Understanding IR requires both descriptive and theoretical knowledge. It would do little good only to describe events without being able to generalize or draw lessons from them. Nor would it do much good to formulate purely abstract theories without being able to apply them to the finely detailed and complex real worldin which we live.
我们需要描述与理论相结合的方法来理解 国际关系 。不对国际事务进行理论分析或综合性的描述是盲目的;同样,不对现实生活中错综复杂的事务进行详细描述的理论也是空洞的。
Socialist China should show the world through its actions that it is opposed to hegemonism and power politics and will never seek hegemony.
  A planned economy is not equivalent to socialism, because there is planning under capitalism too; a market economy is not capitalism, because there are markets under socialism too.
  I asked others to tell President Bush that if the political situation in China became unstable, the trouble would spread to the rest of the world, which consequences that would be hard to imagine.
  A development and progressing China does not pose a threat to anyone.
To promote the development of China—U.S. relations, China needs to know the United States better and vice versa.
The Chinese people are a great people and the American people are a great people too.
  China will never seek hegemony even if it grows rich and strong in the future.
  But if we can find common ground to work together, the chance for world peace is immeasurably increased.
  Mutual understanding is the basis for state—to—state relations.
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